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Stan Pletcher

Position: Administrator & Liaison to Global Sight Alliance
Brief Bio: Stan Pletcher has been involved in international mission work since his childhood traveling with his father, an oncologist. Since graduating from Indiana University for medical school and ophthalmology residency in 1994, he has been involved both nationally and overseas in bringing eyecare to needy areas.

In 2006, Dr. Pletcher began the Mission Eyes Network to help reduce redundancy in ophthalmic mission work and to help educate those wanting to be involved. This effort has grown to include the Global Sight Alliance (www.globalsight.org) which has given birth to Yo2Go.org.

Dr. Pletcher has spent time in Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and most recently has lived for 2 years in Ecuador helping to begin an eye surgery program in the eastern rainforest there. He teaches MSICS technique through Vision Outreach International and directs the mission program at the annual Christian Ophthalmology Society meeting.

City: Niles
State: MI
Current Work: Great Lakes Eye Care - oculoplastics and general ophthalmology
Located in: Yo2Go Team


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