Update from Dean McGee Eye Institute

swaziland2Dean McGee Eye Institute has two fantastic experiences that are available to all residents once during their three-year residency.  In March of each year, two of the senior residents travel to Swaziland.  There they learn surgical technique (ie, MSICS) to be used during international experiences from Swaziland's only ophthalmologist, Dr. Jonathan Pons.  Usually the trip offers many hands-on experiences, but this year has an added bonus.  Not only will the residents be performing surgeries, but they will also be meeting with political representatives to help in raising money to fund a new eye hospital.  In June, the other two senior residents will travel to China, where they help in educating young ophthalmology residents, teaching them surgical technique and ophthalmic diagnoses.  The thought process behind both experiences is to not only help residents learn surgical skills going forward, but also to help sustainably meet the need for ophthalmologic care across the globe.  Whether it's through an eye hospital in Swaziland or future ophthalmologists in China, Dean McGee residents are leaving a much larger global footprint through their efforts to build a sustainable future of ophthalmic care in these countries where it is desparately needed.




Evan Sussenbach