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Happy Remembrance Day! Today was a major holiday in PNG, honoring the 66th anniversary of PNG and Australian resistance of invading Japanese forces. When we initially scheduled our visit, we had hoped that the dates would be ok for the patients and the staff. The staff were very kind to share this day with us. Since we were able to have three tables in the OT, Alison and I decided to tackle a case of neurofibroma that was causing a droopy lid in a 5 year old boy. Dr. Maggie (our local doctor) was invaluable in helping us provide anesthesia. Unfortunately, when kids have colds, it's most prudent to reschedule or at least not do general anesthesia, so an otherwise calm OT turned a bit exciting when our child didn't like ketamine very much and was wriggling while we were reconstructing his eyelid. Lesson learned. I put three stitches to close the lid quickly and patched to allow him to wake up in order to try again the next day.