Postcards from the Field - Papua New Guinea

Postmark: July 18, 2015 – Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Almost there -
Today we (Alison, Edward and I) arrived in the capital of Port Moresby after a long delay in Sydney.
Only 10 minutes stood between us running through the customs, getting visas and rechecking our bags
to the flight for Goroka, but unfortunately we didn't quite make it. Dr. Ben and Dr. Mike were already
on the flight, but they couldn't hold the plane any longer. Instead, we took a shuttle to a Holiday Inn
Express with another couple of stranded families and I got my first lessons in Pidgin English from the
New Tribes dad Marcus who is helping create a written version of the language for the Dnangat Tribe.
For an aspiring linguist, this was a gift. Tomorrow is an early start to reunite with our team members
and luggage and drive to the hospital as quickly as possible to see the patients!


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