About Us

yo logo4"Yo to Go" is a sister site and affiliate of the Global Sight Alliance which has been built as an online network of eye care professionals, agencies, corporations, eye clinic/hospitals and like-minded individuals who collaborate for the purposes of…

Setting the PACE for international eye care


Prioritizing curing preventable blindness world-wide – and cataract blindness in particular

Advocating for effective international partnership and health care delivery models

Connecting and Collaborating on global eye care needs, efforts, progress, and outcomes. (OPEN communication)

Educating and Equipping eye care providers with the best techniques, tools, and teaching resources available.





The Global Sight Alliance is a collaborative initiative of Mission Eyes Network and ASCRS Foundation to maintain a dynamic online presence and forum for engaging ophthalmologists and other eye care personnel who are interested and involved in international vision care.  Using the 6 year experience of Mission Eyes Network, an upgraded effort to collaborate with agencies, clinics and individuals for humanitarian concerns has been launched in 2012


This website is a centralized, global portal for the cataract blindness community of NGOs, clinical researchers, ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals.

The Global Sight Alliance is formed with the purpose of centralizing education and communication about the fight against cataract blindness including some of the following:

Our Location

Global Sight Alliance has associates and partners around the world however our administrative staff are located in southwestern Michigan.  Global Sight Alliance is a subsidiary of Vision Outreach International (www.visionoutreach.org).

Mission Eyes Network

The idea for a better web portal and organization of ophthalmology mission information began with www.missioneyes.net in 2006.  Prior users of Mission Eyes Network may still use their old usernames and passwords to access the Global Sight Network.